Route Map
PDF Icon Route Map for 19th Annual General Meeting
PDF Icon Route Map for 18th Annual General Meeting Venue - 27.09.2016
Public Notice
PDF Icon Public Notice for 18th Annual General Meeting of the Company - 27.09.2016
Policy on Related Party Transactions
PDF Icon Policy on Related Party Transaction
Board of Directors
PDF Icon Composition of Committees of Board of Directors
Board Meeting Notice
PDF Icon Board Meeting Notice - 09.02.2018
PDF Icon Board Meeting Notice - 05.09.2017
PDF Icon Board Meeting Notice - 29.05.2017
PDF Icon Board Meeting Notice - 11.11.2016
PDF Icon Board Meeting Notice - 26.08.2016
PDF Icon Board Meeting Notice - 11.08.2016
PDF Icon Board Meeting Notice - 30.05.2016
PDF Icon Board Meeting Notice - 05.05.2016
PDF Icon Board Meeting Notice - 29.01.2016
Terms & Conditions of Appointment of Independent Directors
PDF Icon Terms & Conditions 0f Appt Of ID- Quantum 2015
Board evaluation POLICY
PDF Icon Board evaluation POLICY- 14.08.2014
Vigil Mechanism Policy
PDF Icon Vigil Mechanism Policy - QUANTUM
Scrutinizer Report on E-Voting
PDF Icon Scrutinizer Report on E-Voting for 19th AGM 28-09-2017
PDF Icon Scrutinizer Report on E-Voting for 18th AGM 27-09-2016
PDF Icon Scrutinizer Report on E-Voting for 17th AGM 30-09-2015
PDF Icon Scrutinizer Report on E-Voting for 16th AGM 29-09-2014
Annual Reports
PDF Icon Annual Report 2016-17
PDF Icon Annual Report 2015-16
PDF Icon Annual Report 2014-15
PDF Icon Annual Report 2013-14
PDF Icon Annual Report 2012-13
PDF Icon Annual Report 2011-12
PDF Icon Annual Report 2010-11
Shareholding Patterns
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 31-12-2017
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 30-09-2017
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 30-06-2017
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 31-03-2017
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 31-12-2016
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 30-09-2016
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 30-06-2016
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 31-03-2016
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 31-12-2015
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 30-09-2015
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 30-06-2015
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 31-03-2015
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 31-12-2014
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 30-09-2014
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 30-06-2014
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 31-03-2014
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 31-12-2013
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 30-09-2013
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 30-06-2013
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 31-03-2013
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 31-12-2012
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 30-09-2012
PDF Icon Shareholding Pattern 30-06-2012
Corporate Governance
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 31-12-2017
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 30-09-2017
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 30-06-2017
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 31-03-2017
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 31-12-2016
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 30-09-2016
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 30-06-2016
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 31-03-2016
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 31-12-2015
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 30-09-2015
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 30-06-2015
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 31-03-2015
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 31-12-2014
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 30-09-2014
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 30-06-2014
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 31-03-2014
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 31-12-2013
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 30-09-2013
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 30-06-2013
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 31-03-2013
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 31-12-2012
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 30-09-2012
PDF Icon Corporate Governance 30-06-2012
Financial Results
PDF Icon Financial Results 31-12-2017
PDF Icon Financial Results 30-09-2017
PDF Icon Financial Results 30-06-2017
PDF Icon Revised Financial Results 31-03-2017
PDF Icon Financial Results 31-03-2017
PDF Icon Financial Results 31-12-2016
PDF Icon Financial Results 30-09-2016
PDF Icon Financial Results 30-06-2016
PDF Icon Financial Results 31-03-2016
PDF Icon Financial Results 31-12-2015
PDF Icon Financial Results 30-09-2015
PDF Icon Financial Results 30-06-2015
PDF Icon Financial Results 31-03-2015
PDF Icon Financial Results 31-12-2014
PDF Icon Financial Results 30-09-2014
PDF Icon Financial Results 30-06-2014
PDF Icon Financial Results 31-03-2014
PDF Icon Financial Results 31-12-2013
PDF Icon Financial Results 30-09-2013
PDF Icon Financial Results 30-06-2013
PDF Icon Financial Results 31-03-2013
PDF Icon Financial Results 31-12-2012
PDF Icon Financial Results 30-09-2012
PDF Icon Financial Results 30-06-2012
Code of Conduct
PDF Icon Code of Conduct 15-05-2015
PDF Icon Code of Conduct

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